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Establishing two coral nurseries on Anse Chastanet Reef and Turtle Reef

Scuba St Lucia has partnered up with REEF Rescue Network and Perry Institute for Marine Science to launch two coral nurseries situated right in front of Anse Chastanet Resort that can be easily accessible from shore to snorkelers and divers that wish to visit the nurseries on daily basis. Divers will have the opportunity to participate in coral planting, maintenance and even out-planting the corals on the reef. They can also choose to take the course and learn more about Corals and what how to better protect by taking the PADI Reef Rescue Specialty Course.

Acropora Coral

Coral nurseries serve as a vital component towards marine conservation, hosting several species that would ultimately be added back to the reef to help regenerate areas that are stressed and damaged. In that respect, we will establish two coral nurseries that can provide several healthy corals that can be out planted to the nearby reefs. The two coral nurseries will contain 12 coral trees with approx. 30 pieces per tree, 5 genotypes of Acropora cervicornis (Staghorn Corals) and 2 genotypes of Acropora palmata (Elkhorn Coral).

Our aim is to plant over 1000 pieces of corals in the first 3 years and further expand the coral nursery to the nearby reefs.

SSL Coral Prep

It’s important that we strategically choose sites that once restored, will contribute to reef regeneration by eventually spawning on their own.

Here’s some things you can do to help protect corals:

  • Corals are already a gift; don't give them as presents.
  • Conserve water. This reduces runoff and wastewater to the ocean.
  • Volunteer at local beach or reef clean-ups, or get involved in protecting your watershed.
  • When you visit coral reefs or coastal areas, consult local guides, clean up your trash, never touch or step on corals, and use only reef friendly sunscreens.
  • Be an informed consumer! Your choices about recycling, food, energy consumption, and travel impact reefs.